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Welcome to MLD Professional

MLD Professional established in 2006 to offer the Dr Vodder Method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage  Massage and Combined Decongestive Therapy to clients in Coventry and the surrounding areas. Rebecca Culley who founded this specialised service is proud to offer:

  • Excellent care for those suffering with clinical and post-surgical oedemas, in addition to clients with other conditions which benefit from improved lymphatic drainage. 

  • Evidence based therapy which is tailored to meet your specific needs .

  • Up-to-date technical skills and knowledge supported by regular formal recertification as well as ongoing research. 

  • Advice and guidance to clients on how they can manage their condition at home so that they can maximise the benefits of treatment. 

  • Signposting to alternative therapies, NHS or private health services so that clients can get comprehensive treatment and advice. Having worked in the field for over 30 years means that I have established lots of useful contacts. 

  • Feedback and recommendations to your GP, consultant or therapist about your care (with your permission).

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